THE YANKEE DOLLAR - "Sanctuary" / "City Sidewalks" (Dot 45-17123) July 1968

The first Yankee Dollar 45 coupled two John Carter - Tim Gilbert songs from the album. "Sanctuary" is a farfisa organ led Sunset Strip swinger with immediate appeal. The flip "City Sidewalks" has a slower pace with trippy guitar and is typical of the psychedelic folk-rock sound from Los Angeles based groups during this era.

The Yankee Dollar made waves on the East Coast with this record and according to ARSA (the radio survey archive) the record hit the top 10 in some areas. It was particularly strong in Buffalo, NY and hit number 1 in Canton, New Jersey.

Both songs were recorded by Hardwater.

The Yankee Dollar at number 6 in Canton, Ohio - August 1968 - scan from ARSA