THE OFFHOOKS - "Off The Hook" (DDT Records DISPLP 18) late 1988

I spent the turgid 80s listening to hundreds of 60s garage comps and turning my mind onto the (in some circles) much maligned neo-garage revival groups.

I was just in the right place at the right time to be hip to some of the better groups of the day. No hilariously BAD hair metal groups or goth rockers for me, hell no, it was the 'underground' garage combos that filled my airwaves such as The Offhooks from Edinburgh.

This mini album came out in 1988. Check out their superb moody 12 string jangler "No More Tears" written by John Robb from indie group Jesse Garon & the Desperados...... harmonizing too, there weren't enough groups doing this in the 80s..... too busy counting their cheapo tattoos and spraying their backcombed metal hair I suppose.

The location of the cover photo is at Edinburgh University, Potter Row Facility.

recorded in June 1988 and produced by Jamie Watson at Chamber Studios, Edinburgh.

Calvin Burt (lead vocals)
Clive Fenton (guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals)
John (guitar, vocals)
Andy (bass)
Lenny Helsing (drums, vocals)