THE CHILDREN - "Picture Me" / "Enough Of What I Need" (Laramie L-666) July 1967

I've had this single by The Children for a couple of years and it's only now that I've decided to research the group, their origins and history which I'll write over the next few blog entries. An excellent source of information is within the booklet of The Children "Rebirth" CD re-issue on Gear Fab.

The Children hailed from San Antonio, Texas, releasing several singles and the aforementioned "Rebirth" album on the local label Cinema in a classy gatefold sleeve. The album was then released throughout USA on Dot Records. They had undergone a couple of name changes from The Argyles then to The Mind's Eye before settling on The Children. Before becoming a member of these groups Bill Ash and Mike Marechal were the rhythm section of The Stoics

The Mind's Eye had earlier released the psychedelic "Help, I'm Lost" on Jox Records. The latter was recorded at Abe Epstein Studios in San Antonio during February 1967. More about The Mind's Eye another time.

I found an interesting message from Chris Holzhaus on TheTexas60sMusicRefuge from 2002. Chris was lead guitarist with The Argyles, eventually being replaced by Bill Ash. I'll post it here for future reference.

"After reading the not fade away articles on The Stoics / Children, I can tell Bill Ash was involved in the interview. Too bad, most of it had been tweaked to fit Bill as always. Bill Ash and Roy Quinlen were kicked out of The Stoics because Bill's mother gave the rest of the band shit on a regular basis. Bill's Mom (Mrs.Col.Ash) was scared that if Bill played any longer with The Stoics, he would be corrupted.

She really wanted Sam Allen, Mike Marechal and Al Acosta to cut their hair. If you notice in the pics, Roy and Bill simply combed their hair down over their eyes when mom wasn't around (Roy's dad was a district judge, Bill's dad an air force col.). The other three grew their hair out and wore it that way. The band was pissed off at them because their parents were getting too involved (it got nasty, poor against the rich). I was in The Argyles and went to Jefferson High where Mike, Al and Sam went to school. When Max Range (The Laughing Kind) called Mike Marechal looking for a drummer, lead guitar and bass, Mike called Sam and I, we tried out and got the job at the dunes.

After the Summer was over and the max gig, i returned to San Antonio. Steve Perron called me up very pissed off at Bill. He asked me to come back to the group now called The Mind's Eye and record with them. Seems Bill was put on restriction by Col.Mom for getting caught smoking a doobie. So,I was resurrected with Galen Niles for the Jox recording sessions. Later when Steve couldn't talk Galen into joining the band, Bill came back as the rhythm guitar to my dismay (more Col.Mom shit).

The story about Ben Treiber knowing Davy Jones is horseshit too. My girlfriend (and later my wife of 23 years) at the time went to John Marshall High with Mike Nesmith's cousin Adria Adair. Mike Nesmith came into San Antonio to visit the Adair family and Adria called my girlfriend. I went with her over to the Adair's with the 45 we cut of  "Picture me" /Help I'm Lost" for Jox in hand. Mike called Davy on the spot and told him I have a new act for your label. He invited me to his place in Hollywood and I took Ben Treiber with me (his grandfather loaned us two credit cards to make the trip since I was broke).

We got a deal with Davy, went back to Texas, packed the band and returned. When we started to record, Ben couldn't cut it and Davy told us to fire him.That's when I called Mike Marechal in to replace Ben. Bill wouldn't call Mike because he knew Mike had a problem with him from The Stoics
days (they hardly spoke during this time). After the sessions at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, Davy was patting us on the back stating, you people are going to be stars! He left on tour (with Jimi Hendrix opening) and we sat around for two months waiting for our record to come out.

The story about Laramie Records is close to what happened. Davy's Manager screwed him/us out of a future. Embezzled all the running capital while Davy was on tour. It seems like most of the stuff written about these two bands was taken from Bill Ash's memory... I wish it would have been somebody else for history's sake.

Maybe someday the true story will be told, I've been chasing Bill's shitty interviews for years. We didn't see eye to eye (left me out of everything) and since he wasn't an original from The Argyles days I don't think he was qualified to divulge information to start with. He was pissed at me for years, I told his mom to fuck off one time and he never got over it. When we practiced, she would show up unannounced and sniff around like some dam drug dog." 

misc notes:
Steve Perron (died from a drug overdose 1973)
Bill Ash (died from a heart attack 2001)
Chris Holzhaus (died from colon cancer July 2008)