THE CHILDREN - "Picture Me" / "Enough Of What I Need" (Laramie L-666) July 1967

As mentioned in my post yesterday The Children were previously called The Mind's Eye. They got a deal from Davy Jones to record some songs at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood and they subsequently cut the Bill Ash - Mike Marechal penned "Picture Me" "I'll Be Your Sunshine" and a remake of "Enough Of What I Need" recorded by the duo's teenage group The Stoics

The Children's version of "Enough Of What I Need" is a psychedelic fuzz ripper with tough guitars, swirling organ and complete with a caveman Roky Erickson styled scream. Sadly, the deal with Davy Jones to release records never materialized because his Manager embezzled funds while he was on Tour with The Monkees.

A single from the Gold Star Studio recordings did come out though on the Hollywood label Laramie but in a small quantity of 300 - 600 discs according to band member Chris Holzhaus.