THE CHILDREN - "Rebirth" (Atco SD 33-271) December 1968

The Children left Los Angeles sometime in early 1968 and traveled to Houston, TX, signing a deal with Cinema Records. They quickly began recording songs, these cuts would become "Rebirth."
The album was recorded at Andrus Studios and produced by Lelan Rogers of International Artists fame and is full of orchestrated psychedelic pop songs with commercial appeal.

The release on Cinema Records during the Summer of 1968 sold quite well throughout Houston and San Antonio leading to a release on the major label Atco Records at the end of the year. "Maypole" b/w "I'll Be Your Sunshine" were chosen as an Atco single to promote the album. 

My pick from the album is "Beautiful" a heavily orchestrated piece of psychedelia with a wonderfully psychotic mid section that will make your mind go all weird. The song was written by Louis Cabaza - Stephen Perron.

Stephen Perron (rhythm guitar / vocals)
Louis Cabaza (organ / bass)
Bill Ash (lead guitar)

Andy Zsuch (drums)
Cassell Webb (vocals)

My copy of the "Rebirth" album is a late 80s stereo bootleg. The Cinema pressing was used but housed in the Atco sleeve.