THE AVENGERS - "When It's Over" / "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore" (F-G Records 104) May 1965

Fifty years ago this month The Avengers released their first teenbeat single inspired by The Beatles. Prior to this they played surf music but with the British Invasion in full swing and the boys all digging the merseybeat sound it was only natural to start playing it themselves albeit in Bakersfield, California of course.

"When It's Over" written by Henry Gonzales and Gerry Blake is an uptempo merseybeat mover with some tasty guitar and Beatlesesque vocal delivery.

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Gerry Blake: "We played a club in Los Angeles (It was an afternoon gig). On the bill with us was a group called Sky Saxon and the Celtics (They went on to have a big hit with 'Pushin' Too Hard' under the moniker of The Seeds of course) who were a little older than us and thought we were great (we thought they were outstanding).

They had long hair of which we were highly jealous of. Anyway, although at the time we didn't understand it (remember, we were a bunch of 16-17 yr old kids). Looking back it was a "showcase" for some people who were there.

One of which was Bob Hudson a DJ with KRLA radio in Los Angeles. KRLA was the biggest station in LA. After our set, we went over to meet Hudson and he told us he really liked our sound and was going to play our single "When It's Over" on the Station and help push it and we would probably really make it! We were flabbergasted. On our way out of LA we actually heard 'When It's Over' being played on the air. We thought we had arrived!"

 The Avengers disc "When It's Over" gets an 'Honorable K/Mention' in this radio list from April 1965. Scan from ARSA archives.