BUMP - "Winston Built The Bridge" / "Sing Into The Wind" (Pioneer PRSD-2147) 1969

Here's a record I first heard way back in the mid 80s on a compilation called "Colour Dreams" and it's held my curiosity ever since. "Winston Built The Bridge" also turned up on "Rubble #20" and "Mindblowers." Strangely, the flip "Sing Into The Wind" written by drummer Jerome Greenberg remains uncompiled but I believe it's on their 1970 album "Bump" which I don't have and haven't even heard!

"Winston Built The Bridge" has a UK psych sound circa 1967 with an ever-present farfisa organ giving the song an early Pink Floyd vibe and the throwaway child-like lyrics recall something Syd would have on his mind. The tune is bouncy and memorable ending in a frenzy of noise and phlange effects.

I have done a little research and found an online obituary confirming the death of Paul Lupien, the keyboard player and songwriter of "Winston." He died in 2009, aged 62.

Paul Lupien (keyboards)
Jerome Greenberg (drums)
Alan Goldman (guitar)
George Runyan (bass / vocals)