THE SHAME - "Too Old To Go 'Way Little Girl" / "Dreams Don't Bother Me" (Poppy POP 501) November 1967

The Shame hailed from Bournemouth on the South Coast of England and released this one and only single. It was released in Britain on MGM during September 1967 then in USA on Poppy Records a few months later.

"Too Old To Go 'Way Little Girl" is a song written and recorded by a teenage girl called Janis Ian and was a track on her debut album from February 1967. This album got it's first European reissue on CD from the mono masters on Now Sounds back in 2009.

The Shame's take of "Too Old To Go 'Way Little Girl" adds snaking psychedelic guitar leads, sitar,  mod-like drum action with turned-on vocals by Greg Lake. The other side "Dreams Don't Bother Me" was written by keyboardist John Dickenson and is pleasing psych pop with a lush organ sound throughout.

After this disc flopped Greg Lake and John Dickenson formed The Shy Limbs with Andrew McCulloch on drums. They then released the classic psychedelic 45 "Reputation" / "Love" on CBS. Guitarist Greg Lake would later form progressive  rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer after a stint with King Crimson.

Disc & Music Echo - 14/10/67


  1. One of my favorite 45s! Nice job with the promo photos etc. You are the best!

  2. Thanks Dan..... the single has intrigued me for years so I thought it about time to do a little digging and come up with an article.

  3. Hi,I need the lyrics of the fantastic song "Dreams don't bother me". Thank you


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