THE NATURALS - "Blue Roses" / "Shame On You" (Parlophone R 5267) March 1965

The Naturals hailed from Harlow, Essex and released four singles on Parlophone before being dropped by the label. This was their fourth and final single with "Blue Roses" deemed as the side with the hit potential. It's a beat ballad with harmonies done in The Searchers style but it failed to generate much interest.

Far superior, in my opinion, is "Shame On You" on the B-Side. This is a fast paced beat number with harmonica and organ. Probably could have been even better with one of those Jimmy Page type lead guitar solo's that he seemed to place on beat and R&B tunes when he was a hired hand in the studio.

Guitarist Curt Cresswell and drummer Roy Hoather would team up again a year or so later in The Living Daylights who released a version of "Let's Live For Today" on Philips.

Curt Cresswell (guitar)
Roy Hoather (drums)
Doug Ellis (guitar)
Rikki Potter (vocals)
Bob O'Neal (vocals)
Mike Wakelin (guitar)