THE FOURMOST - "A Little Loving" / "Waitin' For You" (Parlophone R 5128) April 1964

I created and am sole administrator of a 60s "British Beat" group on Facebook, setting it up to explore the British beat movement circa 1960 - 1965. It's quite refreshing to listen to, buy and spend some time with a genre that hasn't had much of a look in with me since the eighties.

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Now for the 45 under my spotlight because it's not very often I post merseybeat stye ballads but here's one called "Waitin' For You" by The Fourmost. This was the B-Side of their huge hit single "A Little Loving", a vintage colour video exists on YouTube showing The Fourmost performing the latter song which incidentely reached #6 in the UK Charts.

"Waitin' For You" is slow paced acoustic beat with harmonies, similar in style to those love songs Paul McCartney would compose during this period. It was written by The Fourmost's lead guitarist Brian O'Hara.