PINKERTON'S ASSORT' COLOURS - "Don't Stop Loving Me Baby" / "Will Ya?" (Decca F.12377) April 1966

This early 1966 is a hard driving beat number that was curiously overlooked when Sequel released a 2CD collection called "Flight Recorder" in the late 90s.

"Will Ya?" is my fave Pinkerton's side and should have been the A-Side that's for sure. It would have been great to follow their hit "Mirror Mirror" with this swinger.

"Will Ya?" was written by their manager Reg Calvert who was shot and killed a couple of months after this single was released. He was also the owner of an offshore pirate radio station called "Radio City." Pinkerton's drummer Dave Holland left the band in 1968 and formed Trapeze then became the drummer for Judas Priest!