MORTIMER - "Mortimer" (Philips PHS 600-267) April 1968

This group from New York are most definitely 'Opulent Conceptions' favourites. I've highlighted their work several times on my site, including their earlier recordings when they were called The Teddy Boys and their mindblowing psychedelic single as Pinnochio & the Puppets. Check out my archives.

Mortimer's only album comes highly recommended. It's quite a brilliant laid back affair, largely acoustic based and full of pure pop harmonies. The songs have depth and interest. It was recently re-issued on CD from the master tapes (I don't have this by the way).

My pick from the album is "Where The Dragons Guard The Doors" which is three minutes of delightful pop psych and reminds me of post 'Syd' Pink Floyd's more dreamy mind trips. Hang onto your coloured dreamscapes and prepare for lift-off.

Billboard - April 1968

Billboard - April 1968