FORD THEATRE - "Time Changes" (Stateside SSL 10288) June 1969

There are several sites on the internet with information about Ford Theatre, a psychedelic rock group from Boston, USA, so I'll be brief and just concentrate on "I Feel Uncertain" which was an album track and never released as a single.

The Album "Time Changes" by the way is the story of a young man named Clifford Smothergill and his search for meaning and significance in life. It's a musical tale based on the very life of a very real person, whose true identity is a matter for very careful consideration, significant as it is.

"I Feel Uncertain"
Who can survive too long a journey such as this? Clifford Smothergill can only take it so long, and eventually he decides to return to Mary Jane and to resume the love affair. Mary Jane receives him gladly (after having gone through some pretty heavy changes herself), and now Clifford is left once again with haunting feelings of insecurity.

John Mazzarelli (organ, pianos, vocals)
Harry Palmer (guitars, percussion)
Joey Scott (bass, vocals)
Robert Tamagni (drums, percussion, vocals)
Arthur 'Butch' Webster (guitars)