THE ZOMBIES - "She's Coming Home" / "I Must Move" (Decca F.12125) April 1965

A powerful medium beat number from The Zombies, with a build and build approach. A strident sound but not as potent as their last.
(Record Mirror review, April 1965)

The Zombies follow up to "Tell Her No" was "She's Coming Home" which was issued in April 1965. This one was quite an eye-opener as Rod Argent wrote it with his days as a choirboy in mind. "When I sang the 'Nunc Dimittis' in church", he said, "it used to bowl me over because I thought it sounded like a blues!"

Accordingly, the song was written with a very churchy feel to it, while White's flipside "I Must Move" had a vocal that sounded in places like the chant of an oriental Buddhist monk! Although the single failed in Britain, it did make #58 in America.
(Record Collector magazine)

Phil & the Frantics 'borrowed' the tune, applied a faster tempo, wrote different words and slightly renamed the song to "I Must Run" Their version is majestic moody beat too.