THE ZOMBIES - "Begin Here" (Decca) April 1965

Whether you have picked up this LP at random while half-consciously glancing through hundreds, or whether you are reading the sleeve after purchasing the record, the chances are that you are expecting about 700 words or sugared praise telling you how brilliant both the group and the record are.

Since all of us are convinced that the main part of any LP consists of the music reproduced inside the sleeve, we concluded that the public are more interested to read about it than have to wade through a mass of boring and superficial praise. And that, folks, is how I came to writing these notes!

Of the seven tracks not written by Chris or myself, all but two are 'soul' numbers, and consist of some of our favourite material. The other two, "Road Runner" and "I Got My Mojo Working" are tried and tested blues constructions.

The only instrumental on the album "Work 'N' Play" was written by our recording manager, Ken, who took over the piano stool while I played harmonica in unison with Paul's 12 string guitar. The fact that it is essentially an instrumental work song didn't prevent him from beaming happily as he always does when we 'let him join in'!

Rod Argent (edited sleeve notes)