SCREAMING LORD SUTCH & the SAVAGES - "The Cheat" (BBC Transcription Service) May 1966

I've acquired some "Top Of The Pops" BBC Transcription Service CD-Rs of the Brian Matthew's radio show. They are mostly full broadcasts in excellent sound quality. I'll pick out my faves over time, upload them to YouTube and post them here.

First one is "The Cheat" by legendary English rock 'n' roll group Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages. The song was released on CBS during May '66 as the B-Side to "Black and Hairy"
The released studio version is excellent but in my opinion in trails behind the looser 'live' BBC take. The drumming moves are classy, Lord Sutch sounds his sinister best and the fluid droney raga guitar leads hint at psychedelia.

"The Cheat" was written by Lee Hazelwood and was originally recorded by rockabilly singer Sandford Clark in 1958 on Dot Records titled "A Cheat".

Simply wonderful.

from an eBay seller:
"The Cheat", Sutch's stab at psychedelia, was a Lee Hazelwood song, on which he was backed by session musicians including The Des Champ's Quartet playing violin and flute, Nicky Hopkins on piano, Ian Buisel on rhythm guitar, Paul Francis on drums (both from The Tony Jackson Group), Jim Lawless on Percussion, and two future Led Zeppelin members, John Paul Jones on bass and Jimmy Page on lead guitar.    

The musical arranger on this release, sax player Des Champ is better heard on The B-side "All Black And Hairy" which was written by Dave Sutch and remained a hilarious staple of his live act for many years.