SIMON & GARFUNKEL - "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" (CBS 62860) October 1966

Almost before the public knew whether Simon and Garfunkel was a comedy act, a law firm, or a partnership in the garment industry, the two young musicians bearing those names were becoming the fastest rising popular vocal duo in the land. The last year has seen two of their LPs and four of their singles sell an amazing total of five million copies. Even more unusual is that these records are saying something, in lyrics and in music, and that the start of their popular acceptance came through the use of an electronic gimmick.

Paul Simon: "Pop music has become the most exciting area of all music today. Pop music is catching up with film as the leading medium in which to make some comment about the world for a large audience, just as film caught up with literature."

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