THE RAVES - 'Everything's Fire' / 'Sing Children Sing' (Smash S-2162) April 1968

This was the third and last single by The Raves after which they disappeared. Hopefully someone who knows the details about this combo will get in touch with information as they really were a hot band and unjustly ignored by probably everyone outside New York.

I've read elsewhere that they were regulars at the famous Cafe Wha? and Keith's backing group. He had a big hit with "98.6". David Jimenez from The Raves was definitely involved and played guitar and co-wrote several songs on the album "The Adventures Of Keith"

Getting back to this disc then! "Everything's Fire" is a terrific blast of heavy mod beat and has a very English sound. It's perhaps the rarest Raves 45 to find and may prove difficult to locate. The white label promo had 'Everything's Fire' on both sides (mono / stereo) but my stock copy has the soulish 'Sing Children Sing' on the flip.