THE CYCLE SAVAGES - Original Soundtrack (AIR ST-A-1033) 1970

They're the ungrateful, the uninhibited, the undisciplined and the never-challenged! Their power - the grinding roar of their cycles and the stench of burning rubber in their wake as this breed of savages journeys from area to area searching for trouble.

Their cry is "Rev up and ride" - in short, it's their warning to beware! This wild group of the 70s is known around the country as the CYCLE SAVAGES. They steal women, initiate them into their pack, and then sell them on the black market of crime.

What does "the chopper", as it is often referred to, represent to this segment of today's youth? Is it merely an inexpensive mode of transportation, or is it a means to some sort of common identity?
The motorcycle is a symbol of individuality, independence and freedom. Jerry Styner's original musical score, composed specially for "Cycle Savages", genuinely expresses the feeling behind the story - the uncertainty of today's youth in their search for identity, power and an unknown future. (album liners)