MARSHMALLOW WAY - 'Marshmallow Way' (United Artists UAS 6708) 1969

Here's an album I've had for years and it's been filed away all that time just waiting until I get my act together to burn it to digital, make a YouTube upload and do some research. First off, the album is a bubblegum joy from start to finish, each and every song is a worthwhile sweet toothed bouncer with most of them having 'bubblegum hit' written all over them. Only, Marshmallow Way had no hits and after this album and a single they vanished without trace, never to be seen, spoken or heard of ever again.

It appears that Billy Carl and Reid Whitelaw were behind the outfit, they wrote, arranged and produced every song and the 'band' in the picture on the album cover were just 'cogs in the wheel'. The sound of the material is quite sophisticated for bubblegum with exotic instrumentation and percussion with heavy use of vibraphone, marimbas, congas and 12 string guitar.

Checking the credits on the back of the album sleeve reveals that Jim Calvert, Norman Marzano, Paul Naumann and Ken Laguna were musical coordinators. They all have a bubblegum history and worked with The Music Explosion, 1910 Fruitgum Company, The Lemon Pipers, Ohio Express, The Beeds plus many others.