THE MUSIC COMBINATION - 'Mechanical People' / 'Bambi' (American Music Makers AMM-0012) 196?

The Music Combination were an obscure pop rock group from Pennsylvania, perhaps the outfit may be pin-pointed to Pittsburgh. I don't know for sure. What I do know, however, is that they released three singles on American Music Makers, with "Mechanical People" / "Bambi" being their debut disc.

Both sides are pop fare with brass with just a hint of psych, the latter being the strange studio FX added by Producer Lou Guarino

In late 1962 Lou Guarino formed World Artist Records, anticipating  the British invasion, he conducted a talent search trip which yielded and launched the careers of “Chad & Jeremy” and “Christine Quate” among others. Their hits included “A Summer Song”, “Willow Weep For Me”, “Yesterdays Gone”, “Tell Me Mama” and “In The Middle Of The Floor” on the World Artist label.  

Unfortunately the brilliant career of Christine Quate was cut short due to an automobile accident.  Although intended for Chad & Jeremy, Lou Guarino withheld the release of “A Very Good Year” due to production interference by the duo and he offered it to Frank Sinatra, which he accepted graciously. World Artist continued its success with “Joe Sherman, his Orchestra & Chorus”, “Reparata & The Delrons”, “Phillis Hyman”, “Shavells” and a host of artists from around the world. Reparata's charted hits included “Tommy”, “Whenever a Teenager Cries”, “Captain Of My Ship” and “Shoes”. 

The Joe Sherman Orchestra & Chorus releases included motion picture theme songs, such as: “Mad Mad World”, “The Seventh Dawn” and the American Canadian hit “Toys In The Attic” from the Dean Martin motion picture of the same name. Among many of the hits on Lou Guarino's three nationally acclaimed labels “A Mumbling Word” by The Stereos became a highly sought international collector item.... information from here



  1. Hi,
    I am Larry Patterson,.and this was my band.
    We recorded for AMM/Lou Guarino under various names.
    The Upsets, The UP-SET, Joey Dallas, Joey Conti and The Music Combination

    Joey Guerino...Lead vocals
    Larry Patterson...sax/vocals
    Bill Sparks...bass/vocals
    Tom Somich...drums/vocals
    Denny Gill...trumpet/vocals
    Frank Donahue...guitar/vocals

    Our first release was Moulin Rouge as The UP-SET
    we also backed up other artist in the studio and on stage.


    I went on to manage the 10 piece horn/rock band, MOM'S APPLE PIE


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