THE BLOX - 'Say Those Magic Words' / The Way I'm Gonna Be' (Solar Records 235) June 1967

This 45 has been overlooked since the sixties and as far as I know "Say Those Magic Words" has never been compiled. So who were The Blox? Very little has ever been written about them and it's doubtful that any members have ever been located. All I know is that they hailed from Houston, Texas and released two singles on Solar Records.

"Say Those Magic Words" is a fast paced jangle beat number, the tempo on the version by The Blox is sharper than the first version by English R&B group The Birds, from September 1966 and by The McCoys released August 1967. In my opinion The Blox version is the superior take.

The flip "The Way I'm Gonna Be" is surf pop with a very catchy and commercial beat. This turned up on the CD comp "Wyld Sydes #1"

Solar Records also released The Blox second single "Hangin' Out" during September 1966. This is much more famous and has been on numerous compilations, the first of which was probably "Texas Flashbacks #3" The label also released notable 45s by The Penthouse Five and Sounds Unlimited.