R.I.P. - FLOWER a.k.a. "BIGS"

photo taken Spring 2009

Sadness fills my world because my beloved female cat "Flower" died at 6.00pm on Thursday, 6th November. She was diagnosed with liver disease back in July and had been on liver support medication ever since, taking 3 tablets a day.

Sadly she succumbed to her illness on Thursday and died on my bed after falling into a coma and dying a couple of hours later. She wasn't in any pain and I'm so glad she died in the comfort of her own home while being stroked right until her demise.

She was 15 years old......Farewell my dear friend.


  1. I am very sorry for & your loss, but very glad Flower had a good passing with you, her friend. Take care.

  2. I'm really really sorry for that !!
    R.I.P. dear Flower.

  3. Thank you. I'm so pleased that she died at home where she belonged and not in some strange Vet clinic by needle.
    I placed her body inside a pillowcase then put the pillowcase in one of my wooded boxes (with a lid) that I use to store my 45s.
    Then I placed some toys by her side, her Christmas stocking and her photograph. She's now buried in my garden facing the house.

    A fitting burial for a wonderful cat.

  4. Sorry to read of your loss. You did a great job honoring her like you did.
    R.I.P. Flower

  5. Thanks Shawn, appreciate your comment mate!

  6. Home is where she should have been!...I have been through it many times, it's NEVER easy.

  7. Thanks skipmooose... I've had cats in the family since I was a boy.... but Flower was the first cat to die in front of me. I've never experienced it before, it was a tough moment but one I'm glad happened in the comfort of my home. She peacefully died with me and my wife stroking her until the end...

  8. I know how you must be feeling. Cats are wonderful creatures. In the course of my life I've seen several feline friends pass on. It always seems much too soon. I bet Bigs heard a lot of great music while sharing a home with you!

  9. Hallo,
    All must pass,
    Where Flower is now ?
    Nobody knows, it' s the eternal question !
    Perhaps, the best solution to forget his sorrow in these moments is to adopt a new cat !
    It doesn' t mean you'll forget Flower or you don' t like her anymore !
    In fact, you like her as long as she was with you in this world but I suppose that if she could see you now, she could understand you gave her all it was possible and you must continue your life happily.

  10. Yeah "Mad4Music" - I have thought this way too. For 15 years all she heard was 60s psychedelia and folk-rock. Her mynd would have been full of colours just like mine!

  11. Thanks "Sosgotcha" - We learned from each other that's for sure. I still have a 13 year old female cat called "Biba Ringo" but my thoughts will journey towards a new kitten or kittens one day....

    I think my calling was to parent cats. They've been in my family since I was a little boy, it was in 1971 that we first got a cat and we've had several since then. They're all I know as I've never fathered children.

  12. One of the main drawbacks to having a pet is that the pet usually passes on before the human; nevertheless,15 is quite an advanced age for a cat to live to - probably equivalent to 70+ for a human.



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