MARK IV - 'Hollow Woman' / 'Better Than That' (Columbia 4-43911) November 1966

Columbia Records seemingly released hundreds of beautiful one off 45s by teen garage groups who had their shot at fame only to find that no one cared and their brief moment in the sun had burned away to embers.

Mark IV are one such group. According to "Teenbeat Mayhem" they hailed from New Canaan, Connecticut and this was their only release. "Hollow Woman" is one of my favourite garage rockers and let's be honest here, it's basically a clever rewrite of The Zombies 1964 single "Woman" I'm not sure how J. Johannessen got away with it but then again who would have heard the record anyway?
"Hollow Woman" can be found on 'Mindrocker Volume 7'

The other side "Better Than That" is a charming British Invasion influenced beat number with jangle and as far as I know remains uncompiled.