JERRY & JEFF - 'Voodoo Medicine Man' / 'Sweet Charity' (Super K SK-7) 1969

This garage bubblegum pounder by Jerry & Jeff a.k.a. Jerry Kasenetz and Jeffrey Katz has become a very sought after disc and regularly sells in the $150 - $200 range and is perhaps the best 45 on the short lived Super K label.

"Voodoo Medicine Man" has got a wonderful Seeds like sound throughout and I'd imagine Sky Saxon would have enjoyed singing this one if he'd had ever heard it, which is doubtful. The compact organ dominates, add into the mix macabre vocals, some primitive drum action and a raunchy guitar.... what a sound they create.... this is an ALL action, hard driving bubblegum assault.

The other side "Sweet Charity" is a calming pop psych nugget which has never troubled the compilers.