THE NEW SOUND SPECTRUM - 'Summer Girl' / 'Love's No Crime' (Take 6 Inc 1003) September 1967

This 45 is a recent purchase and despite spending an hour researching the record I have come up with absolutely nothing. Who were The New Sound Spectrum? and where did they come from in USA?

I did find out that the record was probably released sometime in September or perhaps even October 1967 as it is listed as a "Kacy Contender" on a Sept '67 radio sheet from KACY 1520 Oxnard, California.
Given that the release is on Take 6 records and with a mention on the Oxnard radio survey leads me to believe that The New Sound Spectrum hailed from somewhere in California.

Both sides are lovely sunshine pop with perhaps the strongest being the A-Side "Summer Girl". This has a gorgeous melody and harmonies. The white label promo was titled "Summer Girl (Now That Summer's Over)" with the group name The "New" Sound Spectrum.

Both sides have never been compiled.