THE FOUR PENNIES - 'No Sad Songs For Me' / 'Cats' (Philips BF 1519) October 1966

The Four Pennies were a popular beat group from Blackburn, Lancashire who had a #01 single in Britain with "Juliet" during 1964. Most of their material was ballads so they're not gonna appear that often on 'Flower Bomb Songs' unless they really have a driving beat number or a psych tinged pop nugget to offer.

Look no further than "Cats" on the flip of "No Sad Songs For Me" from October 1966. This rather eerie and strange tune was hidden away on the wrong side of the disc so probably never got heard much back then as the single flopped and the Four Pennies called it quits.
Curiously "Cats" has never featured on any Four Pennies retrospective CD collection.