THE ROULETTES - 'Bad Time' / 'Can You Go' (Parlophone R 5110) March 1964

Second time out for The Roulettes on my site. I wrote about 'Junk' a few years ago, check the archives. So now it's time to continue with "Bad Time" from March '64... Yeah it's a 50 year old beat record..... cool.

It's been covered a few times. I heard the song first on an "Ugly Things" comp by The D-Coys.
The Roulettes are better known as being Adam Faith's backing band but recorded and released records in their own right during the mid 60s. Despite having a great beat sound with ringing guitars and pounding drums.....sadly NO hits followed so they've been lost in obscurity.

*** both sides of this 45 played on 'Flower Bomb Songs Podcast #03' ***