THE BLACK AND BLUES - 'Come To Me' / 'Bye Bye Baby' (United Artists UA 50245) November 1967

Here's a new addition to my collection rec'd last week, the first single by Anderson, IL group The Black and Blues. I've seen this for years on dealer lists but never got around to securing a copy.

They started life as The Chalets but decided on a name change to The Black and Blues sometime in '67. A one-off record deal with United Artists followed with their music produced by the in demand Paul Leka who worked on the The Lemon Pipers hits.

Both songs are group originals with perhaps 'Come To Me' the best, at least I dig it the most. It's hard and fuzzy with a perfect '67 trippy raga guitar sound. Pure 'Flower Bomb Songs' material, that's why I played it on my latest podcast. On the other side is 'Bye Bye Baby', a Bo Diddley inspired shaker.

Both sides were compiled in the mid 80s on the Eva released 'Finest Hours Of U.S. Punk' and further Black and Blues reading material, including a picture of the band can be found on the highly recommended blog ''60 Indiana Band Szene'


  1. Great Find! I've heard and really like 'Come To Me', it was comped on
    Pebbles Trash Box on CD 5.


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