THE BEST THINGS - 'Chicks Are For Kids' / 'You May See Me Cry' (United Artists UA 50027) May 1966

This combo were from Mankato, MN and recorded under the name of The Madhatters releasing a couple of 45s on the local label Cardinal. For some reason this United Artists record is a re-release of a Madhatters single that came out months previously during February 1966 but with a name change to The Best Things.

'Chicks Are For Kids' is perhaps their best known song but make an effort to hear the sombre teenage testament of 'You May See Me Cry' on the flip with it's beautiful snaking guitar runs by former Gestures member Dale Menten. Indeed, the latter wrote and played guitar on both sides of this disc.

Dale Menten left The Gestures in 1965 and proceeded to play with several local groups over the next few years including The Only Ones, The Madhatters / Best Things, The Escapades, The Serophic Street Sounds and Blackwood Apology. He also did a lot of arranging and A&R work for numerous bands including T.C. Atlantic, The Boys Next Door, Danny's Reasons, The Puddle, The Shambles, The Soul Seakers, The Nickel Revolution and C.A. Quintet.