JET HARRIS - 'My Lady' / 'You Don't Live Twice' (Fontana 267 735 TF) July 1967

This is a purchase from earlier this month, a rare and hard to find 45 by Jet Harris. This is the Dutch release in pic sleeve. I like how the art department have used a vintage record review as their design for the cover.

'My Lady' was written by Reg Presley of The Troggs and it's 100% based on their killer sound. Jet Harris was the original bass player in The Shadows but formed a duo with fellow ex Shadows drummer Tony Meehan in the early 60s.
The flip 'You Don't Live Twice' is decent pop music and uncompiled as far as I know.

Jet Harris & Tony Meehan had a few hits in Britain during the beat era but disbanded when their popularity waned. This record was Jet's solo comeback single but it went to 'nowheresville'....

Should have been monstrous but it's still virtually unknown....