BIG BROTHER - 'E.S.P.' / 'Brother, Where Are You' (All-American 5718) July 1970

When Santa Barbara, CA combo Giant Crab's contract with UNI expired Ernie Orosco changed some members of his band and renamed the new outfit Big Brother and signed to All-American Records. Ernie Joseph's name was added to the Big Brother featuring Ernie Joseph.

Their first single featured 'E.S.P.', which was a song also recorded by The Giant Crab and released as their final single during September 1969. This record was backed with 'Hot Line Conversation'. 
Big Brother's version was remixed with additional phasing, the original intro and cold ending were not used for this new and heavier version. The backing vocals are also lower in the mix.

Shindig #28 has a feature on Ernie Joseph and is well worth the read.