THE BEACH BOYS - 'Barbara Ann' / 'Girl Don't Tell Me' (Capitol CL 15432) December 1965

One of my fave rave Beach Boys cuts is 'Girl Don't Tell Me' released first on their album 'Summer Days' in June 1965, then selected as the B-Side of 'Barbara Ann' during December 1965.

The song was recorded way back in April 1965 at Western Studios in Hollywood so it took eight months for it to be released on a single. It deserved to be the lead tune but it was hidden away on a flip.

'Girl Don't Tell Me' has a folk-rock guitar throughout but is a little buried in the mix that is until the all too brief solo. Carl Wilson performed lead vocal duties. It's believed that Brian Wilson wrote it heavily based on The Beatles 'Ticket To Ride.' The label credit gave Brian the songwriting accolade but during the 90s Mike Love was successful with a lawsuit and has now been given co-songwriting status for this particular song.  

I'm not interested in the 'who' or 'who didn't' write the song, all I know is that it's GREAT! and so did the record buying public as the 45 stormed up the charts, peaking at number 3.

British harmony pop group Tony Rivers & the Castaways released their version of 'Girl Don't Tell Me' on Immediate during February 1966. Check it out on the 1990 Sequel CD 'The Immediate Alternative.'


  1. Dino, Desi and Billy do a great version of this. Carl Wilson probably wasn't much older than them at the time but it seems to suit D,D and B's younger voices better in its wistfulness.

  2. i take that back. I just listened to the DD&B version and it's really draggy. Youtube led me to another version I'd never heard by Keith Green, teenage Decca act produced by Gary Usher who later became big in the Christian music biz.


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