THE ESCAPADES - 'Mad Mad Mad' / 'I Try So Hard' (Verve VK-10415) May 1966

The Escapades were from Memphis and are quite well documented online. There is also information about the group within the booklet of The Jesters CD titled 'Cadillac Men - The Sun Masters' released by Big Beat in 2008.

Their first single 'I Tell No Lies' / 'She's The Kind' was released on Arbet and is acknowledged as one of the great Memphis 60s garage records. It was a local success and the group got signed to Verve Records soon after.

'Mad Mad Mad' / 'I Try So Hard' soon followed in May '66 and it's swingin' fuzz laden beat, somewhat frantic but with commercial appeal. Being on a major meant more contacts and better paying gigs with support slots on tours with Sam The Sham and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels.

Sadly, like many teenage groups in USA back then several group members received their draft papers and The Escapades broke up.

The Escapades - Mad Mad Mad