THE ECHOES OF CARNABY STREET - 'Baby Doesn't Know' / 'No Place Or Time' (Thames 105) August 1966

This is a 45 I've had for years but have never written about it despite doing some research at the time of purchase. I've even penciled notes on the plain white sleeve but for some reason it got filed away in the box until May 2014 when I remastered both sides for 'Trash Can Radio.'

Checking the internet, collector Jeff Lemlich of 'Savage Lost' has got the scoop on the band. He confirms that they were all pre 15 year old teenagers from Miami Beach, Florida. They got talent spotted by Steve Palmer who owned Thames Records and he offered them the chance to record some songs with producer Jim Sessody.

Palmer brought The Echoes Of Carnaby Street a couple of Travis Fairchild songs to record which they did with some success. Both 'Baby Doesn't Know' and 'No Place Or Time' are guitar/organ beaters. Travis Fairchild was the leader of The Cleffs Of Lavender Hill.

Producer Jim Sessody had some success in the late 70s engineering records by Aerosmith, The Records and The Romantics among others.



  1. Sessody was also involved with The Legends, who were based in Milwaukee WI and then later Florida.


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