STERLING DAMON - 'Rejected' / 'My Last Letter' (International Artists IA-108) mid 1966

'Rejected' is a bass heavy scorcher with some jangling guitar and moody vocals from Sterling Damon. Prior to this one-off single for International Artists he went under the name of Mel Douglas and released several rockabilly records with his backing band The Nu-Notes.
The flip 'My Last Letter' is a teener ballad.

Both songs on this disc were written by Mel Douglas a.k.a. Sterling Damon. It's all a bit confusing as sometimes you'll see his songs with the credit Melvin D. Gilmore! The single was released in different mixes and on different coloured labels. Patrick L from has some great information about these variants and the discography of International Artists.

LH-2447 Rejected (M.D. Gilmore)
LH-2448 My Last Letter (M.D. Gilmore)
Produced by Ken Skinner; blue label
May, 1966
NOTE: There are two pressings of IA 108, with different mixes of both sides. The first pressing is shown above. Second pressings are on yellow and green labels, have credit line "Arranged by Walt Andrus," and the LH matrixes are replaced by IA matrixes (IA-108-A/B).

(information in blue taken from