CURIOSITY SHOPPE - 'Baby I Need You' / 'So Sad' (Deram DM 220) November 1968

I bought a re-issue or bootleg of this the other day. It was offered for sale years ago then disappeared. I had it in my eBay search engine for years hoping that it would be re-listed, then suddenly it reappeared as a BIN for £7.

It sounds killer, really heavy vinyl too, labels are perfect....lovely solid centre. If it's a bootleg it has been made with extreme care and attention to detail.

So what about the group? Curiosity Shoppe were a five piece, no-hit wonder from Liverpool and only released one single. According to the CD liners of Deram's 'Psychedelic Scene', Curiosity Shoppe played The Cavern and had a loyal following but were virtually unknown outside of Merseyside.

"Baby I Need You" is a hammond organ driven pounder that builds to a rave-up ending and is similar to Deep Purple's take on "Hush"...intense.

The flip 'So Sad' is non comp, which is very strange as it's also a winner. The sound is a slow blues burner with hammond and soulful vocals.

Over the years 'Baby I Need You' has been compiled on Broken Dreams #1, Rubble #14 and The Psychedelic Scene. Hardly anything has been written about them. The only ephemera I have where Curiosity Shoppe are highlighted is in the early 90s fanzine '117', issue #3.

image taken from discogs and re-energized.


  1. I miss listening to your sound clips as I read your well written/researched bio's

  2. Yeah GaragePunk66....sometimes I don't have the record digitized when I write about it. This is usually the reason why no sound file is posted.

  3. Although Baby I Need You is available to listen to on YouTube, I agree with GaragePunk66. It is sometimes frustrating to see you wax lyrical about something only to have no access to audio.

    On the subject of So Sad, it has indeed been comped - I have it on Portobello Explosion Part Two.

    1. Sorry, I'll try and add more sounds like I did in the old days. Usually if a song has already been uploaded to YouTube I don't bother...


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