THE TIMELAPSE - 'It's Child's Play' EP (Sneaky Pete Records 391001) 1988

A recent purchase has been this four song EP by German group The Timelapse, who on evidence of this platter, were very much influenced by the English mod freakbeat sounds of 1966/67. It has been suggested that the group were based in Bonn.

All four well known songs on the disc are cover versions, which could fill some with horror, but believe me when I say that The Timelapse really do this material justice. In every way this is a classy reproduction with nailed on vocals, guitar sound and authentic drums '66 style.

My highlight is their take on the mod psycher 'Desdemona', originally recorded by John's Children which goes into a Pink Floyd trip at it's conclusion. An excellent sound that reminds me of the same kind of trip that early Plasticland were on.

The back of the sleeve credits The Timelapse in their English named alter egos:

Sir Francis Deekaye (bass)
Mitch Mason (drums)
Andy Bowland (vocals / guitar)

songs on EP:

Desdemona (John's Children)
Brown Paper Sack (The Mods)
Jagged Time Lapse (John's Children)
Rain (The Beatles)

this is where The Timelapse got their idea for this EP. Heavily based on this article from a 60s FABulous magazine.

Rocco Clein (* July 20 1968 in Munich , † February 1st 2004 in Cologne ; civil Stefan Bickerich) was a German music journalist and musician.
At the age of 17 he formed his first band, the Oxalic Lynxs, with whom he published some plates. Clein wrote, among other things, for the music magazines Visions and Spex , and for the youth magazine now the Süddeutsche Zeitung . It was mainly through his broadcasts with the music channels VIVA and VIVA Two well-known to a wide audience. In particular, as an editor of the consignment Wah Wah on this channel had Clein significant share of it, to make known to a wider public the German independent music scene. In addition, he also presented several times in the Neustrelitz held Immergut Festival as well as the Rhine Culture in Bonn . In 2000, he received the video "Black Fez" of the Euro Boys Norwegian Grammy.
He died on 1 February 2004 at the age of 35 from the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage . On 5 February, he was buried in Bonn upper Kassel, his grave stone bears the inscription "Always on my mind". He left behind two children. (Wikipedia)