THE BROOD - 'Knock On My Door' / 'I'll Come Again' (Estrus Records ES-735) 1992

This is the first time that all-girl garage band The Brood have featured on 'Flower Bomb Songs' and as far as I know I've chosen their final single to review. I've got plenty more Brood records in my archives so I'll dig out some more of their feline punk soon.

Both songs on this disc are 60s garage classics and can't be improved upon but I'm sure that was not The Brood's intention anyway. They obviously had a great time in the studio laying these killer songs to tape that were probably a staple of their live performances.

'I'll Come Again' has got some great tough female vocals by Chris Horne aided by a rockin' backbeat. The original was recorded by The Legends and can be found on an early 'Back From The Grave' compilation.

I actually own an original Primates 45 and it was the latter who released the bone crunching 'Knock On My Door'...The Brood give a good account of it here.