THE BEACH BOYS - 'Today!' (Capitol T-2269) March 1965

About a year ago I bought three Beach Boys albums dating from 1965 but it's only now that I've taken them off the shelves for a spin. They're all in great shape, they're all my preferred mono recordings and better still I bought all three for about £10. Win!, win!, win!!!

The material recorded for 'Today!' was put to tape during October and December 1964. Some songs were recorded in January 1965. There's not a hint of any British Invasion sound, The Beach Boys stuck to their own pop style with layered harmonies.

Most of side one showcases their more uptempo tunes, especially the catchy 'Do You Wanna Dance?' while on 'Help Me Ronda' the complex wall of sound production is quite evident. The latter was re-recorded as 'Help Me Rhonda' and reached #1 in May 1965.

Side two is ballads and love songs with the filler 'Bull Session With The Big Daddy' which is a snippet of an interview.

a message from Dick Clark:

When fame came to The Beach Boys, it came in a big way and almost overnight. They began with talent, a lot of it, and some avid interests that they turned into hit songs. And soon their first recordings were helping to shape the big trend in surfing music.

A little later they did the same thing again with their big hot rod hits. And now they are themselves a trend - important leaders in today's music industry. Their records and personal appearances have been consistent triumphs, and many of Brian Wilson's compositions have become teen "classics."

Today they still care about the same things their audiences care about. Fame is important to them, but not as important as their music and their teen fans, toward whom they feel a true allegiance.

It is a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to pay tribute to these great young guys, for we in the entertainment industry are proud of their success...proud because they and their music deserve it.