Bubble Puppy didn't last very long as a group in the 60s, despite having a big hit single with 'Hot Smoke & Sasafrass' during the early months of 1969 but they did leave behind four brilliant singles.

'Hot Smoke & Sasafrass' / 'Lonely' (IA-128) November 1968
'If I Had A Reason' / 'Beginning' (IA-133) May 1969
'Days Of Our Time' / 'Thinkin' About Thinkin' (IA-136) October 1969
'What Do You See' / 'Hurry Sundown' (ia-138) May 1970

Their debut 45 was a surprise hit after DJs in Houston flipped the record over and started playing 'Hot Smoke & Sasafrass.' Apparently, 'Lonely' was initially thought of as the top side by The Bubble Puppy. Both sides were also included on their album 'A Gathering Of Promises.'

'Hot Smoke' has a hard rockin' intro laced with feedback. The time changes give the song a mesmerizing feel to it, quite hypnotic. Dig those psych leads and layered vocal harmonies. Very much a West Coast sound. It proved to be International Artists biggest selling record.
Bubble Puppy were in such demand at this point that they appeared on American Bandstand lip-synching their hit.

IA didn't hear any more potential hit singles on the albums worth of material they had recorded so were asked to come up with another song. They returned to the studio and recorded the countryish 'If I Had A Reason', this was backed with a longer version of 'Beginning', which incidentally, is my favourite Bubble Puppy song...

Their third single brought together two non-album cuts 'Days Of Our Time' / 'Thinkin' About Thinkin'...both were cool psych rockers with some amazing psych leads and those Moby Grape type layered harmonies.

Their final single was the non-album 'What Do You See' which was a snarling fuzz fest backed with the West Coast psych rock 'Hurry Sundown.' This cut featured on the studio album from a year earlier but this mono 45 is a different / shorter mix. My copy is green vinyl.

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Saint Charles, Missouri


  1. And they're back! Better than ever! Shows in Houston, Austin and San Antonio coming up! https://www.facebook.com/groups/BubblePuppy/

  2. Nice post Colin. I always loved The Bubble Puppy especially "Hot Smoke". I've got the first three 45s but Hurry Sundown seems to elude me........


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