20 OS HAXIXINS - 'Under The Stones' (Groovie Records GROO 0024) 2010

Second time out for Brazilian group Os Haxixins on my blog "Flower Bomb Songs". I've been playing their second album "Under The Stones" for the last few days and the songs are really burying deep in my mind.

They're clearly fond of mid '66 garage sounds but have combined this with some spooky Doors like organ. I was actually very intriqued by the organ sound and I'm led to believe that they're using a Diatron.

Also in the mix is a heavy use of fuzztoned guitars and reverb. Most of the songs (apart from the two covers) are sung in their native language which is a huge bonus, for me anyway. No need to criticize unusual or wrong pronunciation of English words.

Hard to pick out a favourite as the whole album runs along smoothly, most songs have a fast tempo, no ballads. I'm not sure if Os Haxixins could pull off a slow love-song or ballad. I don't think it's their style.