12 THE TUNEFUL TROLLEY - 'Island In The Sky' (Now Sounds) original release 1969

I've bought a couple of CDs this month, both on the Now Sounds label. First one under the spotlight is the album by The Tuneful Trolley. I've got one of their 45s in my collection 'Sunny Days'/'My Apple Pie', but had never heard this studio album before, so took an effort to track it down.

The Tuneful Trolley were discovered and championed by Jay and the Americans. Listening to this CD confirms to me that they were primarily a pop psych outfit with a knack for writing and performing solid Beatlesque rock.

With a sizable following in their home base of Long Island, New York, The Tuneful Trolley released 'Island In The Sky' in 1969 to national indifference, this despite containing all the elements of an instant smash. The album is a glorious atoll with landscapes of fuzz guitars, oboes, melodic Beach Boys harmonies with a garage edge. The boys were all still in their mid teens when the material was recorded.