02 THE MORE-TISHANS - '(I've Got) Nowhere To Run'/'(I've Got) Nowhere To Run' (Peak Records P-4453) September 1967

This group are believed to have formed in Bloomington, Minneapolis and during the mid sixties built up a considerable reputation as a live group performing throughout Minnesota. Sadly, their recording legacy is just one single on Peak Records recorded at Dove Studios.

'(I've Got) Nowhere To Run' is a fantastic rocker with 12 string guitar and intricate harmonies all encapsulated in just over two minutes of charged coolness. The song wasn't even composed by one of The More-Tishans! That honour goes to school friend called Mark LeBoutillier.

Maybe The More-Tishans didn't have anymore decent original songs available on the day they entered Dove Studios as the flip is just the instrumental version of the same song. Bit of a cop out if you ask me.

My copy of the 45 has the label on the wrong side of the disc which was obviously spotted before it was sent to radio stations etc as someone has scribbled 'vocal' and stamped 'plug side' on the 'instrumental side'. The 'vocal side' plays the instrumental.

Over the years the song has been made available on a couple of Sundazed releases, namely the CDs 'Psychedelic Microdots #1' and 'Garage Beat #2'. For more information go here