05 LCS and the BISHOPS FOUR - 'It Doesn't Seem Fair'/'I'm Gonna Show You Mary' (Sevens International SI-1006) January 1970

Here's a mystery group that I know nothing about with an even more puzzling 45. According to 'Teenbeat Mayhem', LCS and the Bishops Four hailed from New Boston in Texas. Other information suggests that this record was released in 1970.

Both sides, most definately have a late '67/68 sound, so perhaps that was when the recordings took place but for whatever reason, the record didn't come out until a few years down the line.
According to the soybomb database LCS and the Bishops Four cut 'Midnight Hour' for a 1967 compilation on Normandy Records titled "Battle Of The Bands" suggesting that the group were active at that point in time. I've not heard this album but the database indicates that it's a live recording.

This brings me to this disc on Sevens International. 'It Doesn't Seem Fair' seems to be loosely based on the Monkees song 'She'. It's quite a moody piece with echoey vocals and jangle, with subtle keyboards. Not the best production I've ever heard, the sound is a bit on the muddy side but the melody is a memorable one.

The top side 'I'm Gonna Show You Mary' is great sunshine pop that brings to mind 'Trust' by The Peppermint Trolley Company. Classy touch of baroque Beatlesesque brass, killer melody and strong vocals. I'm a little more than surprised to find out that both sides are non-comp so I've created a YouTube upload highlighting the jangler 'It Doesn't Seem Fair'

**** Ricky England, lead guitarist from LCS and the Bishops Four recently contacted me with the following information ****

You are correct the band is from New Boston, Texas.
The record was made in 1968. 
Lyndel Strippling (vocals / trumpet)
Bill Ratcliff (drums)   
Danny Wilson (bass) 
Ricky England (lead guitar)