08 LAWSON & 4 MORE - 'Smart Bird'/'If You Want Me, You Can Find Me' (Ardent/Big Beat) 2013

This combo were from Memphis, TN and featured future engineer/producer Terry Manning. The fuzz laden '66 punker 'Smart Bird' is previously unreleased and makes it's debut on this slab of  vinyl. The vocals are full of snarl and may have been considered too un-commercial to release as a single. 

The other side is the Stonsey 'If You Want Me, You Can Find Me' and was indeed their first single in 1965. Copies of the record came housed in a picture sleeve. I don't know if this re-issue is the same mix as the '65 cut.

Both songs were written and produced by Jim Dickinson.
Big Beat kicks off a projected series of 7-inch vinyl to excite even the most hardened collector of 60s garage rock. We’ve got a bevy of exciting two-siders in the pipeline, all showcasing killers that are either unavailable or hard to find on vinyl or as in the case of Lawson & 4 More, completely unreleased.