HAL & THE PROPHETS - 'Shame Shame Shame'/'She's Doing Fine' (Scepter Records 1287) November 1964

Here's an outfit who have remained elusive for decades, as far as I know, no information about them has ever surfaced. Their location was even left blank in 'Teenbeat Mayhem', so hopefully someone reading this entry will contact me with any relevant information or facts regarding the obscure beat group called Hal & the Prophets.

'Shame Shame Shame' is an R&B mover with some rockin' guitar and tuff vocals. The Jimmy Reed original was released on the Stateside label in Great Britain during 1963. The song was obviously still fresh in the memory as according to reference guides, this cover on Scepter Records came out in November 1964.

'She's Doing Fine' is a slow ballad that's just too tame for my tastes.

Hal & the Prophets were produced by Joe Venneri who worked with The Blues Magoos and many other Mercury acts.

*** heavyweight collectors Jeff Lemilich and Max Myndblown have confirmed that Hal was a misprint. It's Pal Rakes & The Prophets, the same guy who later recorded for Verve and Columbia.

P.S. Now that Jeff's pointed out that they should have been billed as Pal & The Prophets, more becomes clear. First off, Pal and his pals WERE from Philly after all (and were originally known as Little Pal & His Pals). Secondly there are other releases, albeit appealing to the Northern Soul crowd …
(as Pal Rakes & The Prophets) Can't Deny The Hurt / Old Shep (Verve VK-10576) Apr 1968
Can't Deny The Hurt is regarded as a Northern classic – posted numerous times on youtube, where you can also find a 1966 acetate, Delilah Done Me Wrong - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhouVFNg0m0 - and a 1963 acetate of I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpEK2wDtlaE . (Max Myndblown)