16 EASTFIELD MEADOWS - 'Travelin' Salesman'/'Helpless Is A Feeling' (VMC V-736) 1968

The Eastfield Meadows are believed to have come from California and I'd guess they were likely a Los Angeles group. I'm not sure if they had any success with any of their releases which was a studio album and three singles, all on the collectable VMC label.

The 45 under my spotlight was their second single, both songs can be found on their album which covered the musical spectrum of psych rock, country and pop with great vocal harmonies. None better than 'Helpless Is A Feeling' which is laid back Association style harmony rock with a Buffalo Springfield edge.

The other side 'Travelin' Salesman' is decent enough country, if that's your bag, which reminds me of those Mike Nesmith tunes he recorded post Monkees.

Just out of interest other groups who released records on the VMC label that are 'Flower Bomb Songs' worthy were The David, Paper Fortress, Pacific Ocean, Magnum Opus and The Morning Sun.

line-up of Eastfield Meadows

John Bierber
David Carpenter
Wayne Grajeda
Tony Harris
Dwight Payne
James Whittemore