THE LAST FIVE - 'Kicking You'/'Weatherman' (Wand 1122) May 1966

Here's an interesting Brit Invasion style beat record by The Last Five, a combo from Hartford, Connecticut. As far as I know this was their one and only release.

Checking ARSA for details, it's confirmed that the single was a top 40 hit in Hartford so I'm surprised that no other releases happened for them. Perhaps unreleased recorded material exists somewhere?

Both sides of this disc were written by Bill Matychak who went on to form a late 60s outfit called Buffalongo. They were the originators of the often covered song 'Dancing In The Moonlight.'


  1. The group was a high school aged combo from West Hartford, Connecticut. The single was released the first week of April, 1966.
    Members included Rick Smith, Bill Matychak, Ron Verosic and Bernie Kornowitz. The group lasted through most of 1967, with a couple of replacement members. No other recordings.


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