THE GESTURES - 'Run, Run, Run'/'It Seems To Me' (Stateside SS 379) January 1964

Mankato, Minnesota, was home to the four teenagers who made up The Gestures. Originally known as The Jesters, they changed their name rather suddenly - record presses actually halted to make adjustment after the unexpected discovery that another group of Jesters already existed.

'Run, Run, Run' combines soaring Mersey-ish harmonies with surfish reverbed guitar licks and an energetic, fast driving delivery. Released October 1964 by the Minneapolis based Soma label, it was a huge regional hit. Nationally it hit Billboard's Top 50, but Soma was a small operation, unable to keep up with the demand and give the record the destribution it deserved.

The Gestures released only one more single before going their separate ways. (liners from Nuggets Box)

The scan shown is my British release on Stateside which came out during January 1965 and is quite a difficult 45 to find.